Little Saints Mocktails

Little Saints was born during the pandemic as an antidote to my drinking too much alcohol and feeling terrible about it. Having spent pretty much my entire adult life as a cocktail enthusiast, I ignored the initial signs that alcohol was doing more harm than good to my body and my mind. Without access to any option more interesting than a “sparkling water with lime”, it was hard to convince myself to make better choices while on my own or out with friends.

So, I set out on a quest to create my own solution – a transformative, non-alcoholic drink that would taste like a cocktail, have uplifting functional benefits, and - most importantly of all - make everyone smile.

As a former hydroponic farmer turned plant-based foods innovator, I was passionate about creating Little Saints plant magic mocktails in a way that honored my respect for both food science and sacred plant medicines. Having read, The Rebel’s Apothecary, the only book I’ve ever found that speaks about using cannabis and mushrooms in a complimentary way to improve mental health and mood, I first engaged a food scientist with her Master’s degree in adaptogens to collaborate on our formulas. Once we had landed on a creation that tasted great and had functional benefits, I turned to my friend and sacred plant medicine shaman to ensure that our plant ingredients had spiritual as well as functional benefits.

I spent the summer of 2021 sharing our first batch of plant magic mocktails with people throughout Detroit (where Little Saints was born) to get feedback on what they were seeking in a non-alcoholic beverage. These early adopters shared that they were looking for something sugar free, that tastes more like a cocktail than a seltzer, and that makes them feel good. At the end of that initial summer, I knew that Little Saints had something really beneficial to offer all of us looking to evolve into a healthier phase of celebration and imbibing.

I hope you enjoy getting lifted naturally as much as I do!

With much green love,

Megan Klein, Founder