W.E.C.A.N. is an online community for Cannabis Coaches, Educators, & Entrepreneurs to connect and grow their businesses. A space to build relationships, inspire each other, and continue to educate ourselves. Our Founding Principals are based on the importance of support and encouragement because that is the magic sauce. By using our Super Powers of Educating and Coaching, WE CAN help change the Stigma attached to this magical medicinal plant. WE CAN do Big Shit Together! WE CAN get out there and NSTFU!! WE CAN make a difference, and WE WILL!

To curate a monthly newsletter that provides access to quality, reliable medical Cannabis research and wisdom. We will feature rotating topics that vary each month, such as chronic pain, healthy lungs, healthy brains, etc. We utilize fact-checking, coupled with anecdotal evidence and personal stories, to present the most accurate, up-to-date, real-world evidence about Cannabis, its use as Medicine, and how one can utilize it as such for potential benefit, either personally or professionally.

I treat my Crohn’s Disease with plant medicine and now I help others improve gut issues and overall health thru nutrition, movement and natural remedies.

Do you struggle with hot flashes, poor libido, painful intercourse, insomnia, mood swings, irritability and weight gain? If so, Shoshana can help you discover the plant medicine that works best for you from essential oils, to CBD to Cannabis. She understands the challenges that come with menopause and is passionate about helping women find relief.

Rose mindfully incorporated cannabis into her life and formulated a system to balance and support her ECS, which in turn supports her sobriety. Now, Rose is living her purpose and sharing this “system” in her online school and in her community. She no longer suffers everyday. She no longer wakes up hungover, succumbing to the “hair of the dog” or spending all of her money on drugs and alcohol just to be able to communicate with other people comfortably. Rose is EMPOWERED, WINNING and has a PURPOSE TO LIFE…to teach others how to experience freedom, become empowered and sustainably sober!

My name is Michelle Crawford – I am a Cannabis Health Coach, Educator, Speaker, and founder of Canna Curious Coaching. I help people improve their health by teaching them how to incorporate cannabis into their daily regimen and lifestyle. I also teach women how to have greater sexual vitality, which better connects them to their inner divine.

My Cannabis Health Coaching helps those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, mental health challenges, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, nausea, IBS, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other conditions achieve mind-body balance using the power of cannabis so they can live a healthier, happier, more confident life.

JourneyDance™ calls us to heal, get physical, call on our inner resources and step into our highest potential. It reconnects us with our innate state of divine well-being.

Shake, dance, release.

Experience this high-energy movement process and dance a life-changing spiritual practice in a group setting with like-minded women.

My name is Tiffany Gotcher I am a Certified Holistic Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach and a Cannabis Educator/Coach as well. I studied under Deepak Chopra and Mark Hyman at Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)…… While at Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI) I had the pleasure to learn from Andrea Meharg, Corrine Tobias, and Nikki Wells. All of these resources help me to become the person I am today….. someone who is equipped with the tools to assist you on your journey.

This is about more than just cannabis. It’s about changing the way we approach health.

We’re on a mission to create opportunities for women in the cannabis industry and to get accurate information about this powerful plant out into the world. We do this by training professional health coaches and educators who are skilled at supporting and informing people about cannabis and health. Ready to join the revolution?