My kichten witch wish list…..

I’m working on becoming a phenomenal kitchen witch, but to be honest, right now, all I have a some mason jars, a little cannabis, and maybe some oil. Luckily, I have the green kitchen witch goddess herself to follow, Michelle Crawford, founder of

I just finished her FREE 3 day “Edibles Made Easy Challenge” and OMFG!!!! I’m strutting through my kitchen going you just wait baby. I may even start “Cooking with Cannabear” inspired by Michelle Crawford. I set up my cannapantry….didn’t even know that was a thing 🤯 and I have a list of must haves asap. I printed it out, wrote it on my vision board in my office, and on my fridge because even though there are more basic ways to do this, and let’s face it, I’m about the most basic kitchen witch there is right now, I’m still feeling confident and proud of what I do have. Thank you Michelle!!!!! Here’s a link to one of her free classes Magical Machines for Kitchen Witches

Here is my kicthen witch wish list:

Ardent FX :

Extract Craft Source Turbo:

Here’s the absolute best part of the whole thing… too can become a confident kitchen witch!!! Her next Homemade Health Course is starting Friday, February 17, 2023:

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